Customer Service

If there is a technical problem of any type, please fill out our Customer Service Request form below and some will contact you.

Customer Service is available:

9 am - 5 pm EST  Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. Holidays

Try and plan ahead so that we can help during our working hours.  If necessary we can arrange a Team Viewer Session (see TeamViewer information at the bottom of the page).

Fill out my online form.

One can also contact our Customer Service by email at or telephone at 727-767-0505.    In addition, provide specific details of your problem, including any error messages (word for word and include any symbols or characters in the error message) or send us a screen shot

In addition, to specific details with the complete error messages or screen shot, please include the following in your email request:

  • The first and last name of person to whom NeuroGuide is Licensed;

  • Version number of the NeuroGuide installed on the computer in question (Click Help > Version Information);

  • The Key A (Click Help > Manually Change Security Key);

  • Type of Computer you are using (Window or Mac); and

  • Type of Operating System and Version Number

If you call, please be prepared to provide the information above.


For General NeuroGuide Software Issues Contact:


         Seid (Sid) Vehabovic  at:

            and/or call: 727-657-4349


For General NeuroGuide Issues or Sales Quotes Contact:

            Emin Eralp at:

            and/or call: 727-434-5748


For NeuroGuide Security Key Issues and Software Issues Contact:


         Rebecca Walker at:

            and/or call: 727-804-3596


For Automatic Clinical Report (ACR) and/or NeuroLink Issues contact:


            Lee Zhou, Ph.D. at:

            and/or call: (801) 643-9231


           Emin Eralp at:

           and/or call: 727-434-5748


For NeuroStat and/or NeuroBatch Issues contact:

            Duane North at:

               and/or call: 727-459-9845


          Emin Eralp at:

           and/or call: 727-434-5748

Team Viewer Session Requirements:

If you do not have TeamViewer installed on the computer in question, use the link below to download the free version of TeamViewer and select the Basic Installation option:

After you have some version of TeamViewer installed on the computer in question.... email your TeamViewer ID and Password;  include some day(s) & times you can be available, along with the information request above.

When we receive said email we will enter your Name and TeamViewer ID and Password into our TeamViewer contacts so we will be ready to do a TeamViewer session with you when you are available.  Having your TeamViewer information saved in our TeamViewer contacts list also comes in handy if or when you have to restart the computer during a TeamViewer session or later down the line if you need additional customer service via a TeamViewer session.